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So your all set on, you’ve identified something you want to change, you go through your goals checklist:

  • Measurable and repeatable goals set
  • Timeline for completion
  • Plan of attack is set
  • Your feeling motivated
  • You’ve informed your coach, spouse or team mate

Let’s go! Monday starts of like a shot out of a cannon, 2 weeks later we’re a bit like a bee-bee gun and then come Week 3 we’re struggling to find any fire power at all. So what happened? What robbed you of your motivation, but more importantly your will power and discipline?


#1 Non supportive friends and family

It’s not that your friends and family want you to fail (we sincerely hope, otherwise it’s time to get new ones). But they don’t often understand how important this is to you. As well-meaning as they are comments like “one won’t hurt you” or “come on relax a little” does nothing to help support you moving forward, and subconsciously is their own way of making them feel better about not commiting to something themselves.  So the important things is to have a conversation about it. Sit your inner circle people down and explain what this goal means to you and how much you’d appreciate their support to see it through. The difference? Instead of trying to sway you, they’ll back you up under social pressure and help push you when you don’t want to take action. Create a support network instead of a firing squad.


#2 Stagnation/Lethargy

Get up and moving! Here’s an easy way to kill productivity, action and follow through. Try this for some motivation execution:

  • Lay on the couch, facebooking and watching tv
  • Driving to a 9-5 to sit at a desk
  • Sleep in until mid day
  • Do a mindless monotonous task all day

See how productive and motivated you feel? Not great is it! All of a sudden your really tired, the mindset, “maybe I need a break maybe I deserve a reward for all my previous hard work.” A brain under stimulated is a lazy brain. Light it up with movement! Not feeling motivated? Get outside and go for a walk. Thinking of making a sub optimal choice? Have a go-to book. Starting to question if your goal is worth it? Go play with the dog. Taking these small actions alone will do more to keep you on track than any motivational video ever will. Get to stepping, fresh air, sunlight, social interaction and watch how quickly you become “motivated”. There’s a reason why the best salesmen take their phone calls while walking or standing.


#3 A strong enough WHY

What is your why for this goal? Is it from something that’s important to you or important to other people? As much as we like to believe “haters” or how other people love and adore us is the most motivating, the truth is there is nothing more powerful than our own desires, that would make US feel better. You hear people say a lot I “should” do something instead of “wanting” to do something. How much did you love doing chores as a kid? Should is a chore, there’s no satisfaction there, it’s commanded of you by somebody else. Want is empowering! When you were a kid, you WANTED to go play at the park. As Tony Robbins says “stop shoulding all over yourself….it stinks!”. Sit down and think about your wants, and do it for you, you’ll see it through that much more!


#4 Removing emotional and mental blocks.

What do you define yourself as? Chances are it’s probably what you’ve done for the last decade? Two decades? Three….four? The point is you’re a summary of your upbringing, formed behaviors and life experiences, day to day over a long period of time. Change is not easy, if it were you would’ve already made it. So the real question to ask is what past experiences, belief systems and memories are holding you back? We’re talking about awareness here, once you have it you can fix it, but until then you’ll continue to be a slave to your former patterns, unsure why you always “fail at new challenges”. Your coaches are always open to a one on one goal setting session to help break down these walls but we also recommend some excellent specialist Mindset coaches below to work with:

Nutritional Mindset coaching via Mindset Nutrition

Mindset coaching via Kristina Alekna- Mindset Coach

Hopefully this gives you some clarity on some things to put in place to help you follow through more and achieve more of those burning desires you have. Give these tips a go and remove the reverse gear and get moving forward in your goals!

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