5 Reasons Fad Diets and Products Don’t Work

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Here’s a little secret no fitness product or fad diet wants you to know… it is easy to quickly change the number on the scales. Now before you rise in anger, I’m not talking about a long term sustainable number on the scale. Here’s how it would look and how it does look for TV shows like “The Biggest Loser”

  1. You starve yourself (like many of these diets recommend). Extremely low calories
  2. You go to the toilet
  3. You jump in a sauna (weight category athletes use this short term to weigh in at a desired weight)
  4. You stay dehydrated
  5. Get a colonic (get the bowels moving, clear up some blockages)

And we won’t go into more sinister ways. The point is this, none of this lasts as a) it’s not healthy and b) it’s not sustainable…due to point A. Your body is not stupid and neither are you. But weight loss is very much an emotional journey and we’re told certain weights are ideal through social conditioning (even through the medical professions). Yet here is the truth coming at you from the logical brain. Even with the above did you really look that different in 24 hours? You sure as hell felt different…like death warmed up different. And yet you feel some form of gratification that the scales showed a lower number. And that’s how they get you, they play on this obsession with numbers, the deep-rooted emotion. They promise you a product or approach designed to get DRAMATIC results. I’m sick and tired of seeing good people’s bank accounts and mental health being crushed by these promises so here is our opinion on why these approaches never truly deliver (even if the scales tell you they do).



60 Days without sugar? Ever tried 865 days without sugar? Of course you haven’t because extreme approaches to health and fitness only last so long, even to the most fiercely committed. There’s a reason bodybuilders aren’t getting comp ready week in, week out. It’s extreme and it doesn’t last. Most of these diets and products need something extreme to offer because it makes THEM the most important thing for you to focus on. Don’t eat food, drink this shake instead…. because if you DO eat food you won’t need to drink it. Cut out all these foods and you’ll lose weight! But then what happens when you’ve been so “good” and your presented with the chance of a “treat”? That feeling of failure leads to an “oh well I’ve already messed it up” mentality and a re-bound, usually much further in the previous direction. Extreme is sexy, it’s cool to talk about it but it’s never a long-term thing. And long term is the true goal we’re pursuing.



Tell me this. If you loved everything about yourself, were happy in your relationships, felt fit and healthy would you even consider taking an extreme product or beginning an extreme diet? Of course not, because they’re not targeting those people. Snakeoil salesmen have known for years that the more outrageous their claims and the more desperate their target market the more sales they’ll make. They know for every naysayer there is somebody desperate to change and change quickly. Extreme diets know this same trick. They know they can get someone (through extreme calorie restriction) a loss on the scales in 4-6 weeks that would take somebody on a consistent and healthy diet plan up to 3-4 months to achieve. Someone desperate for change finds it hard to see the long-term change benefit over the instant gratification a potential before and after photo in 6 weeks could get them. But no one tells them about the pain and suffering the re-bound effect brings, there’s not many before and after’s shared showing that.



Slow progression in our fast-paced world is unacceptable. Could you imagine us waiting today for dial-up internet? We expect the same speed and progression of our body. If it’s not happening overnight then there must be a product to speed up the process. Why make changes when there’s a product that can do the same thing? We are an entitled society and entitlement doesn’t empower you one bit. Small changes over time gain momentum like a snow ball rolling down a hill and give you something you can build into a daily routine. Brushing your teeth requires no will power or motivation, the same way healthy eating and fitness requires less motivation for someone who has been doing it for a number of years. Extreme diets and products ignore this principle completely. You’ve hopefully heard the quote “nothing worth having comes easy”. Think about the degree you earnt, the job you currently have, success on the sporting field or the relationship with your partner. Now consider how much time and effort went into this.



You are not a robot programmed for failure, just needing a quick re-boot. You are a human being with a long list of life experiences that have led you to this point. Here’s a hard truth: no amount of pills, shakes or cutting out foods can change the most important person in the room, YOU! Understanding why you do what you do and creating awareness around your actions is the key to creating lasting change, because at the end of the day we are the sum of all our actions day to day. Do not discount the pain you are feeling, talk to a professional and seek help from supportive coaches, friends and family to clear the road for your new journey. You are worth it, and your worth will not be restored by any pill, potion or crazy routine.



So your starving yourself and you feel great…at least that’s what your Facebook status says, but the truth tells a different story. Immunity, energy levels, physical performance, libido, mental state, skin and epigenetic health all paint a very different picture. This is because extreme products and diets, although targeted as a “health” supplement, can’t deliver all (or often any) of the above. This is because there is so much more that goes into your health than just food, or in the case of products the lack there of. Health combines multiple lifestyle factors that are often ignored in the pursuit of weight loss. Weight loss does not mean health. I once heard somebody say; “everyone thinks being skinny is the most important thing in the world, until they get a cancer diagnosis”. As brutal as this quote sounds, it’s important to note, nothing you do should ever sacrifice your health. Health and weight loss can co-exist absolutely, with the right long-term approach in building daily habits.

Don’t get sucked in to extreme promises, they always come with a short-term solution. Work with quality coaches to assess and improve body, mind and soul, making small daily changes, which will eventually add up to bigger and better results. Remember what we’ve said above and don’t seek out products to do the heavy lifting for you. The truth is no one can healthily make the changes for you except the person staring back at you in the mirror.

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