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We are the leaders in functional fitness group training, personal training and achieving goals. Experienced, dedicated coaches and all the tools needed to give you the best workouts you’ve ever done and get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in! We love what we do and it shows in our classes and our community. Come in for a free intro session, have some fun, get fit and strong and join team HQ!


Most people who make resolutions to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle don’t follow through on their commitment. They can pay the gym membership, wear the right clothes, follow the right instagramers or listen to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on repeat, but without this ONE vital ingredient they will fail. To truly follow through on achieving our goals we need coaches and friends to guide, motivate and support us. Without it, people don’t stay accountable to the journey and they give up. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. From your very first Free No Sweat Intro at Fitness HQ you will find an inspiring community of people who we are invested in your fitness journey from day one. You’ll find a family in team HQ.


People First. Fitness Second.

YOU are the most important, fitness is the goal but member satisfaction is the mission. Our members are everything to us. They are one of the things that makes Fitness HQ such an awesome place to train. The importance we place on our people shows in everything we do!

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

We know not everyone enjoys the same things, or responds the same to certain types of training. That’s why we’ve sifted through the best and worst of the fitness industry to bring you the most effective and well rounded functional fitness systems, to create the best version of you!

Experienced, Well-Rounded Coaches

A true testament to a coaches worth is their ability to get the most out of you in multiple aspects of health and fitness. Coaches under the Fitness HQ banner don’t specialize in one area only but are dedicated to learning from multiple different fields and discplines to ensure they can give you the very best service and take your fitness to where ever you wish for it to go.

Community and Culture

Experience is everything! We’ve built a gym based on community, the culture of old school hard working values and on bringing like minded people together. We work on creating a warm, welcoming vibe where everyone knows your name, and hi-fives/fist bumps are guaranteed!

Constant Variety

Barbells? Cardio? Battle Ropes? Gymnastics? Kettlebells? Bodyweight? Mobility? Kettlebells? Sleds? Boxing? The list goes on. Don’t get dulled down by the same boring old routine, break through plateaus and stay motivated with multiple facets of functional fitness.

More Options, More Fitness

With three dedicated timetables it doesn’t matter what type of schedule you have we’ll have a class time that works for you. We are always looking for new ways to challenge and up-skill our members and we’re constantly adapting to the demands of our members so if you ever find there’s a better time that works for you. Drop us a line!

Designated Mobility Area

We have a designated chill out zone where athletes can stretch, chat and chill. This space can be utilised post work out, before you hit your workout or if you want to do a specific mobility session.

Complimentary Shower Facilities

All our members have access to showers and change rooms. Our facilities are professional, clean and available before and after every session.

Classes Capped For Quality

0 athletes to one coach is an impossible equation. Don’t get lost in the crowd! With capped classes and 2-3 coaches in all of our busier and higher skilled classes, you can ensure you’ll get proper instruction and the complete experience of being coached in a group atmosphere.


Sean Coote

Owner & Barefoot Enthusiast

Chloe Itzstein

CrossFit Coach & Endurance Specialist

Miranda McCurry

FIIT Instructor & Kettlebell Specialist

Lisa Giancola-Bell

CrossFit Coach and Chirpractor


Fit3 and Teens Coach