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If you haven’t heard it by now, you need to know, the key to losing fat in a healthy sustainable way, is to build muscle.

Think of your body like a fire and your muscles being the sticks. The more sticks and the bigger the sticks on the fire, the bigger the flame, the more heat and energy is used. That means the more “sticks” and the bigger they are (your muscles) the more energy you burn up (this is your metabolism), even when you are just chilling by the pool or maybe sitting by a fire of your own. So then can you imagine the exponential increase that comes along when you start moving…fireball!

There are two main ingredients to muscle growth. Protein and weight training. The weight training imposes a demand on the already existing muscle tissue and breaks it down a little. We then consume protein which works to rebuild the stressed muscle to be bigger and stronger and withstand more force than they could before…bigger stick.

Simple right?

Now the part that can get a little bit tricky, is we need to consume ‘enough’ protein at one time to ‘flick the switch’ to say we have enough protein there to build the muscle. This is called the Leucine effect and is a specific type of Branch Chain Amino Acid that can be found in most protein sources.  You require 2.5g of this specific BCAA to signal to your body “BUILD BIGGER STICKS”. As technical and complex as that all sounds it all comes down to making sure you consume between 30-50g of protein in your 3 meals a day.

*Side note* any more then 50g of protein in your meal and your body will not use the excess consumed and just get rid of it.

Examples of 30g of protein include:

  • 140g Uncooked Chicken Breast
  • 110g Uncooked Lean Beef
  • 150g Uncooked Salmon or White Fish
  • 220g Raw Egg (approx. 4 eggs)
  • 120g Uncooked Lentils
  • 1.25 scoops True WPI 90

Now everyone is different in regards to their optimum protein intake but as an estimate the key formula is

30g protein 3x Day + Weight training 3x a week = Muscle Growth = Bigger Fire = Fat Loss

For more specific recommendations suited to you personally, your body and your goals. Book a nutrition consult with us or get ready for our brand new nutrition challenge.

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