Don’t Let Setbacks Derail Your Goals

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Setbacks happen. When you are chasing a goal, be it fitness related, health related or otherwise, there is one thing I can almost guarantee: there will be setbacks. That’s ok. I like to think that’s the universe just sussing out how badly you want to achieve your goal.

Sometimes there will setback after setback after setback. You will feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back. You might get to a point where you feel so overwhelmed and defeated that the goal you were once so passionate about no longer seems possible or worth it. That’s ok too.

Chasing goals is hard. And it’s almost never smooth sailing. It’s more like a rollercoaster. At times you feel like you have no control and you’re just riding the ride and seeing what happens. You feel like you’re on that bus in Speed. That’s also ok.

When the set backs start piling on top of you look for the bright spots. In amongst everything that is going wrong try to find the good things! What are you doing right? What has gone well? What good things have happened? Highlight them all not matter how big or small. Showing yourself the bright spots amidst all the bad stuff reminds you that it’s not all bad. It’s also good motivation to help get you back on track.

It’s also helpful to remember that you are in control. Even though it may not feel like it at times, you are driving the bus (not Sandra Bullock). Things may be happening around you that are out of your control but you control how they affect you and how you react.

Sometimes it’s also worth planning ahead for possible setbacks. We certainly can’t predict everything but if you know when work gets crazy busy the first thing to fall by the waist side is your nutrition, then plan for that. Outside of busy periods make a bunch of meals to freeze.

Setbacks are inevitable. Make a plan of how you are going to tackle them, remember you control how they are going to affect you and most importantly, don’t let them stop you from getting back on the bandwagon!

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