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The anchor is designed to alter your current state of mind in times of stress, insecurity or self doubt. It involves a physical action or movement that you can use to change your state in the moment to better approach the situation before you. It takes some practice and some initial consistency but after a while it will become a great go to move.


STEP #1 Pick your move


Pick a movement or action you can repeat consistently every time, the subtler the better! The A-Ok sign on the same hand, brushing your shoulder, a thumbs up, a click or even the peace symbol, it all works the same.

STEP #2 Repetition


Every time you find yourself in a situation where you feel happy, confident, content, relaxed, joyous or any other positive emotion you experience apply the move. What this does is acts as a trigger for your brain to release those feel good hormones and fire the same neural pathways every time that movement is completed. Our goal here is to make this trigger so powerful that it can face off against any stressful situations and put the momentum back in the confident and happy direction.


STEP #3 Use it!


After say a month of repetition, try it out! Here are some scenario’s plus the ideal way to approach it.


Feeling nervous about trying something new? Complete the anchor over and over again and even better picture a time where you tried something new and succeeded.

Facing a lift or something you’re scared you can fail with? Complete the anchor before and picture a time when you pb’d.

Experiencing a difficult situation with a co-worker? Hit that anchor and remember difficult situations are temporary, maybe you’ve got a good past experience of this.


Picture yourself as a ship docked at the Happiness Harbour, the swell out there is wild and constantly trying to pull you away from your mission, the anchor is a tool that helps keep you in place and focused on what’s important and feeling the way you choose to feel. Give yourself 1 month of reinforcing your anchors in preparation and start testing it. Like anything worth having the more often you reinforce it, the more effective and powerful it will become. Happy de-stressing and let us know if you start your anchor practice!

Coach Coote

Balancing Stress Series #4: Brain Dump

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