It’s Scary to Start….But Scarier Not To

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The leap of faith right before you make a new change is scary, but if we think back there are probably a ton of examples of opportunities where you took the leap and it turned out great. It probably wasn’t always easy…BUT! Think of all the potential things you could have missed out on:



Career opportunities.







All kinds of life experiences. If we gave in to the initial fear or uncertainty none of these would have been possible. And I’m sure there’s something your wanting to do right now that you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s CrossFit!? Or some other healthy change you were looking to make in 2019. My question to you is, what are you missing out on the longer you wait? If you want to visit the alternative to your health and fitness goal, go and visit a hospital waiting room. Do you really want to wait for a wake up call?


We’re not here forever, but we can certainly optimise our experience by getting started. If you’ve been putting off CrossFit for uncertainty of being fit enough or of your ability, I can promise you, the best time is always now.

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