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I recently came across an article my sister had sent me last year. I liked it so much I saved it for later when I might need a reminder/inspiration. The whole article is worth a read and you can read it here.

But one line in particular stood out to me: “ You will keep repeating the same patterns until you get the lesson.”

As we approach the end of the year and we all start to think about what we want to achieve next year I feel this line is very relevant.

Life is so much about seeing the lessons in both hardships and triumphs, and learning from them. So while you are planning all the amazing things you want to do next year take some time to reflect on the year gone and where you find yourself right now.

What lessons have you learnt? What lessons have you perhaps missed? When things got a bit shitty, what do you think the universe was/is trying to teach you? Can you see repetition in your actions and choices that tends to lead to a similar outcome every time? Is life sending you signals to lead you down a different path but you keep ignoring it?

When things get really tough and really stressful, whether it is at work or home or elsewhere, it can be really easy to just wallow in how tough things are and simply complain your way through it. When you look for the lesson or the message suddenly the hardship is not just a crappy time in your life. Suddenly it is an opportunity!

Looking for lessons in times tough times is not always easy, because in essence it means accepting some responsibility for what is happening to you. This is certainly not a bad thing. If you are partly responsible then you are also partly in control!

So when you feel a little like you are going round in circles, or perhaps you have been down this road before, take a step back and try to see what the universe is trying to teach you, or what it is trying to tell you! Often we don’t even realise our patterns of behaviour until something forces our hand to change it!

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