How long have you been at HQ/Frantic?
I’m one of the newbies so to speak. As I am writing this bit of information it is exactly 3 months to the day I have been a member.

What brought you through our doors?
Well that would be the wife’s fault (lol). Since we moved into the area Deb had been looking for her next challenge and saw the ladies six-week challenge being advertised and it was me who convinced her it would be good to try something new (I had no intention of joining). See, I’m a very private person who likes their own company and was working out at Anytime Fitness where it was just me and the weights or equipment. The only problem is I had started to stagnate with both losing and shifting the excess weight I wanted gone, plus the motivation just wasn’t there anymore. After seeing Debs enthusiasm (she just wouldn’t shut up about the place) and her results I showed a bit more interest in what she was doing. After picking her up from yet another session where she was buzzing from another great workout we talked and I told her I wasn’t happy with my progress so she suggested I see Coach Coote. I took his details from her and organised to meet him so I could assess whether this could be right for me because my biggest fear was being too old for CrossFit

What do you remember about your first day?
Well I arrived to what I thought was going to be a 1 on 1 session on the ins and outs of CrossFit. On being welcomed by Chloe and trying to take in all that was happening around me, Chloe proceeded to tell me Sean had changed his mind and I was to join in the class!! OMG at that point I think I shat myself! I really didn’t know whether to just turn around and leave (ok we all know I stayed) but that was the first of many surprises. Coach Khada was taking everyone through the strength piece for the day and Sean was guiding me through the CrossFit jargon. Just as I thought I was starting to understand it, Sean proceeds to say, “you’re doing well I’ve gotta go next door and I’ll see you at the end of the class”. Cue: shat myself again! Next came the gymnastic piece and Khada proceeds to explain that we are to practice a MUSCLE UP (in my head I’m thinking what the hell is that?), which he then demonstrates perfectly and effortlessly. At this point all I was doing was looking for the nearest exit and we were not even half way through the class!!! Needless to say I came home unscathed – PHEW!

What’s the workout that stands out to you the most and why? 
All the workouts are a stand out in my mind, as they all F#@K with your mind just that little bit. I don’t think in the three months I have experienced the exact same workout and they all push you to the limit. Both the CrossFit (red room) and FiiT(blue room) classes are equally demanding.

The CrossFit works on strength/flexibility/cardio, the FiiT is no-stop on cardio/movement (please spare me the running and stop standing on my sled!). If I have to pick a workout I really enjoy it has to be Saturdays. For me it’s the last workout of the week, its a partner challenge and means pain and team work. You get to push and bond at the same time and have coaches subtley make it that little bit harder for you when they think you’re not watching HA HA. Personally from many years of sports at a very competitive level I thought I had both strength and cardio in my pocket, but now I’m thinking I was never pushed hard or far enough and at 44yrs of age it is probably not the best time to start but you know what.. seems I have!

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
I’m not one for wanting a super power, however I do have a super reason for staying with Fitness HQ. My fitness goals in life have changed and whilst I want to be fit and healthy my only goal is to be able to finish a WOD as written, as per RXd. Whilst my competitive side has subsided slightly I find there is more joy in competing against my wife who is super fierce and competitive. There is nothing better than belonging to a club where the members support each other no matter your level or experience. Fitness HQ/CrossFit Frantic gives you that. Whilst I have experienced a multitude of clubs, team work and gym family this one seems more than special to me and my partner in crime. Crossfit and Fiit are all about bettering yourself and this fitfam is all about celebrating your milestones no matter how small and being with you in all of your journey as you continue your progress

If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be? I would have to have a food group – Seafood!! There is nothing better than the taste of the sea, it is just sensational on its own and its good for you!

For anyone starting out at Fitness HQ it is well worth sticking it out and seeing where your journey goes. It is worth mentioning that the experience isn’t the same if you don’t combine the FiiT and CrossFit together. There are so many great people in both rooms you really need to meet. The skills and strengths you learn in both rooms compliment you as a whole and make you a better athlete. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience so far and I’m sure it’ll only get better but definitely not easier 🙂

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