The One Thing You Are NOT Doing That Is Sabotaging Your Goals

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Goals are a great thing to have. Big ones, little ones, easy ones and hard ones. They are all great. They give you motivation and a reason to push through when things get tough. However, if you’ve got a goal you can’t seem to reach then chances are you may not be doing one simple thing: prioritising.

You can have the best intentions and the best game plan as you set out to achieve your goals but if you don’t make them a priority you wont get there, or it will take a very long time. How badly you want to achieve a goal and how successful you are at succeeding with it, is directly proportional to how much you prioritise it. If that goal is everything you want in the world you will make it your number one priority.

Let’s say your goal is to reduce your stress levels but instead of prioritising that you continue to work long hours, continue to say yes to every request anyone makes of you, continue to put your self last, continue to overload yourself and then wonder why, after a month or two, you’re still stressed.

Or perhaps your goal is weight loss? But there’s weeks where you can’t get to the gym because of X, Y or Z, and you’ll start fixing up your nutrition next week because this week you have a party to go to and you want to drink and eat whatever you like. What if your weight loss was a matter of life or death? X, Y and Z may suddenly not be so important? Suddenly you might be able to go to that party and moderate your drinking and eating knowing that your weight loss is the most bloody important thing to you at this point in time.

As Coaches we see this all the time. And it’s super frustrating. We can encourage you, we can support you, we can try and keep you accountable but if you put everything else first, and your health and well being last then our ability to help you reach your goals is severely stunted!

What are your priorities? Whatever they are your own health and well-being should NEVER be last.

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