What Happens When It’s Gone?

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I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately…not in a depressing, melancholy type of way but more so in a gratuitous way for all the amazing things my body does, Here’s what I’m referring to:

Our body has a total of

  • 5 senses (6 for some of you supernaturals)
  • 5 ‘vital’ organs and 78 in total
  • 206 bones
  • 650 Muscles (and a whole heap of fascia, ligaments and tendons)
  • ~ 3.72 trillion cells
  • The human brain having 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day

Think about all those working parts for a second, think about the part each of them has to play and how important they all are, what would happen if you lost them? The human body goes on, but it’s never quite the same.

As most of us could attest to that have gone through an injury, illness or sickness, having these things taken away can have a massive impact on our mental and physical health, whether in a small or big way. I don’t get sick very often, like I mean maybe one cold every couple of years. But a month back I got food poisoning, and lying there on the floor having removed my stomach bile, stomach lining and every last sceric of a dodgy Hungry Jacks thickshake, I entered into a thought, imagine if this what my reality was all the time?

We really do take for granted how good we’ve got it, having your current functioning body and health, until we take it for granted one too many times and it changes. We take for granted having good vision until we need glasses from all the screen time and lack of tlc. We take for granted the amazing work our liver does until it can handle no more. We burn the candle from both ends, marvelling at our nervous systems ability to back it up time and time again….until something starts to give. And we take for granted our brain and all it’s functioning capacity, until we one day can no longer remember the name of our own son.

This is written not to scare you into submission, we do not have complete control over what our future holds, nor are we going to tiptoe through life living with perfect health, without enjoying all the  world has to offer. No, what I want you to consider is all the amazing things your body is already capable of, and commit to exploring it further, making the commitment to living, just a little bit healthier each and every day. Self love is not a hoo-hah concept of telling yourself you love you over and over again. It’s daily, weekly and long term action demonstrating gratitude by giving back to your body.

So next time you start valuing your health below all the other things in life, ask yourself….

What would life be like if you lost it?

Big love,

Coach Coote
Head Coach/Owner
[email protected]

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