What Price Do You Put On Your Health?

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Cost of Coronary By-Pass Surgery (the general surgery required post heart attack) = $ 38, 100

Cost of Stroke Treatment Care = $10, 500

Cost of a Hip Replacement = $21, 200

And these are just Australian Hospital costs. This doesn’t even take into account specialist appointments before and after treatment. It doesn’t consider rehab costs, or the loss of income as you’re unable to work during this time. It’s doesn’t consider the toll it takes on your emotional health or the heath, stress and time taken off work by your spouse.

So my question to you is, what price do you put on your health?

What is the value of waking up each day feeling healthy, having the energy to take the stairs and not be panting when you get to top. Being able to take your dog for a walk or play a game of footy with your kids in the back yard?

What is the value of feeling comfortable in your clothes. To be able to sit comfortably on plane or stand for long periods of time without your joints aching?

What is the value of not having to go on medication to decrease your blood pressure. To not line your arteries with the by-products of a diet consisting of processed foods

What is the value of strengthening your muscles and bones so that when you are 80, you decrease your risk of falls because you have the strength, balance and coordination to counterbalance external forces. And if for some reason you did find yourself falling, you don’t fracture a hip (which can be fatal with osteoporosis).

$20 a week to a 24/7 gym without any coaching or programming (not recommended if you’re starting out)

$30 a week for a local sports team – Training, Game and Umpire Fees

$45 a week for nutrition consulting, check ins and accountability.

$55 a week to a class based gym with a group accountability program built in

$100 a week for 2 Personal Training Sessions where your held accountable to your coach and working on things extremely specific to you.

What price would you pay, to avoid major health complications in the future? To feel fit and healthy and in control of your life? Get out there and make healthy happen

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