Why Don’t More People Opt For Wholemeal?

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I remember a few months ago seeing a photo of the pasta section of a supermarket. This was when the Covid19 pandemic was kicking off and silly people were stripping supermarket shelves. In the pasta section there was not a single bag of pasta except for about 8 packets of wholemeal spaghetti.

I was brought up on wholemeal stuff. We always had wholemeal bread (even though I begged my mum for white bread, because all my friends got to have whitebread), we generally had brown rice, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal pizza bases and my mum always used wholemeal flour in her cooking.

My mum was probably ahead of her time and you will always see my brothers, sisters and I now opting for the wholemeal version when there is one. Here is why…

Wholemeal stuff has WAY more nutrients in it than white stuff. WAY MORE! You gonna get some fibre from your white bread and that is about it, unless of course they have artificially added in some calcium for you in the process. Compared to a piece of white bread, wholemeal bread will have more fibre, more magnesium, more potassium, more zinc, more protein, more B vitamins and more flavour. You are getting way more bang for your buck.

Whole grains also take longer to digest so your body literally uses more calories to digest whole grains. When you eating your white rice your body is spending less energy on digestion, which means more calories are absorbed and stored. Whole grains will also keep you fuller for longer.

So I just stared at all these packets of wholemeal pasta on the shelf wondering why people, even when there was literally no other option, still didn’t opt for wholemeal. Especially because I guarantee most people haven’t even tried the wholemeal spaghetti before. Or if they have they’ve immediately decided they didn’t like it because it looks/tastes different. I served up wholemeal pizza to a whole damn party of people and nobody noticed.

I could be wrong but the feeling I get from most people is that things like wholemeal pastas are for vegans and hippies. And that is such an outdated way of thinking. No I’m not saying never have white rice or white bread. Certainly there is a place for them, but why not make a casual switch to wholemeal bread or some brown rice from time to time? Get more nutrient bang for your buck, give yourself longer lasting energy, keep yourself fuller for longer and just stop being racist against wholemeal pasta (pastarist?).

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