Fitter. Stronger. Happier.

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What's holding you back?

Weight Control

Tried all the fad diets? Lose weight fast programs and quick fix challenges? We can show you the sustainable way for consistent long term results.

Time Challenges

Busy with work? Kids? Life in general? In one hour, 3-5x a week we can get you all the results you want and more. Save time, crush goals.


Sick of buying gym memberships and never using them? We provide a supportive team of coaches and the community to keep you coming back for more.

Exercise Boredom

Same old boring gym routines have an expiry date! Our program is built around Variety keeping it fun and interesting for longevity.

Lack of Guidance

Lack of knowledge and structure is why people either hurt themselves or quit. Our professional coaches go above to ensure you get the best experience.


Benefits & Outcomes

Real Fitness

Freedom through fitness for you to go out and live a better more active life.

Strong for Life

Stronger people are harder to kill and more useful in general.

Stress Relief

Time dedicated to you, leave stresses at the door and clear the mind with sweat therapy.

Look Better Naked

Create a body you’re proud of through healthy habits and nutrition that works with you.

Increase Flexibility

Reduce injuries and free your body with movements that encourage full range of motion.

Improved Self-Esteem

Discover how awesome you are, it’s not all about weight loss.

Routine and Support

Create an unbeatable routine no matter what life throws at you.


Schedule Your No Sweat Intro

One-on-one chat with a coach to work out the best plan for you moving forward.


Foundations Course

A course designed around you and your unique needs for the best start.


Reach Your Goals

You’ve got a plan, you’ve got your foundation. Time to kick some ass with your new community!


From Team HQ

A whole new fitness experience

“I never enjoyed going to gyms or working out in groups until I started coming to Fitness HQ. Super supportive environment, inspiring and educated coaches, great facilities and an awesome community to go with it. I’ve learnt a lot, worked hard and had lots of fun coming here. 💯 recommend it to anyone looking to join a positive environment”

~ Justin Sherwood

All in one place

“Excellent coaches. Clean, tidy and well kept equipment. Extra services available like Chiro, Physio & Nutrition can be booked at same location. regular social events, lots of class times. Highly recommended.”

~ Jonelle Beveridge

From Intimidated to Liberated

“I thought Crossfit sounded kind of intimidating… But when I joined Fitness HQ I realised that it’s not scary it’s inspirational to see what the body can do! You are never thrown in the deep end but coached slowly and safely towards your goals. No judgement on what level you are at, the coaches and other members are SO fun and encouraging. Every class is different so I never get bored, I highly recommend it to find out what you can really do!”

~ Krista Reynen