Classes from Beginner to Advanced

Regardless of your existing experience or fitness objectives, we have the appropriate fitness program for you. No matter your size or shape, you can get a terrific workout at Fitness HQ and become fitter then you every thought possible. It doesn’t matter if your last workout was a game of basketball, a group fitness class or chasing your kids around the backyard. We can work with you where you are now, and show you the progress you’ve dreamt of.  Start a free intro session, or learn more about one of our fitness programs by clicking on the links below. 


A scaled and coached approach means each athlete gets the workout they need for their appropriate level. We have our WOD programmed and we work backwards from there matching it to your unique needs and experience. No cheerleaders here, just coaches who really care about your needs, technique and achievement.

Health Services

Fitness HQ has a range of professionals to help you move out of pain and into a higher functioning body. Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage alongside highly qualified coaches in injury rehab and sports science. We go above and beyond to ensure you are improving not just in your strength and fitness but also in how you feel day to day too!

Olympic Weightlifting

The most technical barbell lifts require the most time to develop and each week once a week we dedicate an entire class to developing this unique skill set. Classes are centered around the two competition lifts, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. There is nothing quite like the feeling of perfecting a challenging movement such as the snatch and there are so many level to achieve with these lifts. It’s a specialty of ours and we love bringing Weightlifting to everyday people!

If you’re bored with the same old lifts, nows the time to upgrade your arsenal and jump into Olympic Weightlifting!

Personal Training

Classes not quite your jam? We’ve got coaches dedicated to working one on one with you to really zone in on your goals, create accountability and have your own personal coach. Whether you want to learn a new skill, get that extra push or have a coach design a program specifically around you we have the personnel to help you achieve more. We also offer hybrid memberships with a mix of personal training and classes.

Swim WOD/Endurance Training

Guided by ex national level swimmer and endurance lover, Coach Chloe, father Gary Itzstein who is the most capped Half Ironman athlete in WA history and in house Chiropractor Adam Rowney, an endurance challenge enthusiast and practitioner for some of the best athletes in the game. We have the structure, programming and coaching guides to help you achieve anything you want in the endurance world alongside your CrossFit training. We also have a free once a week follow along Swim WOD program as part of membership and Bi-Annual summer Swimwod work shops which are hugely popular amongst the team!

Fresh challenges are what keep routines alive and the possibilities are endless with HQ in your corner!

Infrared Sauna

All memberships 3x a week and up get unlimited access to the infrared sauna on site. With a range of health and recovery benefits and a chance to integrate sauna into your daily routine you can accelerate your results even further and escape the winter chill!